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Solar Panel Installations Texas, El Paso | Commercial & Residential Pros

The global energy crisis is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. While there have been some advancements in solar power, it's not enough for our ever-growing demand and need for electricity around the world.

The best way you can help bridge this gap would be through professional installation services from B & G Mechanical Air Conditioning and Heating! We offer excellent quality equipment at competitive prices with top notch service so we're confident nothing will go wrong during your purchase or install process - which means better savings down line too!


Solar Panel Installations | Commercial & Residential Pros

The best way to ensure you have a safe, reliable and cost-effective solar installation is by consulting with experts who are qualified in their field. B & G Mechanical Air Conditioning and Heating has met all professional requirements necessary for installing systems that will last years into the future – it's what we do!

- We take pride in the expertise of our technicians and employees. Our qualified personnel have years of technical knowledge to make installations for your home or business, be it a panel system installation or one involving an air pollution control device like filters that are certified by EPA ( Environmental Protection Agency).

- Importantly, our installers are under contract, this means that we can ensure they act professionally and convey the best possible service. As it's also important to us as a company for them to work safely with all of their equipment on site - including solar panels. We've assuredly made sure each technician has necessary insurance coverage when performing these installations or fixing issues related therewith

- We're here to help you save money! At our company, we don't just install new solar panels. If something goes wrong with your heater or air conditioner and needs repair, consultations are always available from qualified technicians who will get the job done right away and at a fair price too.


Choosing the Right Solar Panel Installers for Your Home

To ensure that you are making the best choice when it comes to solar panel installation, We take pride in our ability and diligence with ensuring high-quality workmanship. Our team has been trained by some of North America's leading firms on how they do things so we can deliver top results every time!

We fully inspect all potential projects before moving forward; only accept projects which meet specific standards - this ensures customer satisfaction (and word gets around). We investigate claims thoroughly through inspections or discussions with the directly involved parties.

Our positive reviews from clients we've served in the past shows that our customers are confident about how they were treated when working with us. We offer warranties on new installations, which means you can count on us for peace of mind as well! With an experienced team member by your side every step along this journey  let's get started today!

Here at our company our technicians will provide the best consultation and offer a quote on solar panels that are best suited for your needs. 


Why Should A Homeowner Get Solar Panels?

With utility costs rising, investing in a solar energy system is protecting your future today. B & G Mechanical Air Conditioning and Heating is proud to announce we now offer solar panel installation to help commercial and residential customers lock in their future energy cost and help improve the environment we live in. Solar electricity systems have come a long way in the last decade reducing system cost; utility companies are offering cash incentives along with a federal tax credit making a solar energy system more affordable for your home or business. B & G Mechanical Air Conditioning and Heating is working with the industry leaders in solar technology including: Mission Solar, SolarEdge, Jinko Solar, LONGi, Q CELLS, Hyundai Solar Panels and many more. Our enthusiasm about the technology is only surpassed by our solar panel knowledge and our highly detailed installations. 

Need Your Solar Panels Installed? Call Our Trusted Company

The switch to solar power may be among the best decisions you make in your lifetime, Solar energy is our future. Contact our trusted company for professional and affordable solutions that meet all of your energy needs! We're experienced professionals who will guide every step along with an expert installation so it meets expectations perfectly. The sun is shining and it's time to take advantage of this great opportunity. Contact us today for solar panels that will meet your energy needs!

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